An ancient battle

The story of my life…


So guys, I promised  you some suggestions about hardware, and here we are… just without any specific hardware.

I decided to start with something easy which is one of the most important things when it comes to hardware if you ask me: AMD vs NVIDIA (vs INTEL)

I think those of you who are visiting hardware forums sometime know this annoying never-ending story: Let’s imagine we are a normal 15-year-old boy who is really into gaming but we have absolutely no clue about hardware, but we are in the situation to buy a new gaming pc.

Our first idea is to look into a big online shop which I don’t want to name here but we all know it starts with A and ends with n and got a z somewhere along the way…

Okay, we search for gaming computers but soon we recognize that all the hits we get are really expensive and we actually don’t know what to choose. And even worse, from the back of our thoughts we remember our old school friend who always complained about “those idiots who buy prebuild computers”(no offense guys)… but we are non of those idiots… We decide to give him a call and ask him for help, and you know what? He says yes.

So far so well. Pretty fast we got a build together. I5 7600k, 16GB RAM, ASUS Mainboard, 512GB SSD, RX480 graphics card. Pretty decent for a midrange pc isn’t it? Now here comes the first problem. We got no paypal account so we ask our older brother if he can purchase the stuff for us. Well that’s also no big deal, he says cool story bro, I’ll do it.

Then he asks us what hardware we are going to buy and proud as we are we are listing him our hardware. There it comes guys. We tell him that you we going to buy a RX480. BOOM. He looks at us as we were some idiot who punched him in his face and talked shit about his mom (ok once we did but that’s another story…) and he asks us: “Are you fucking stupid? An AMD GPU really? Are you kidding me?? Don’t you know the NVIDIA 1060 is way better?”. We answer stuttering and stumbling that our friend recommended the card to us but he don’t want to hear a word.

Ok one day later we still don’t have ordered our parts and are more insecure about them than we ever were.

We decide to google around. Google–> Nvidia 1060 vs AMD RX480. We enter the first forum we find and the first thing we recognize: Cool someone asks about the same specs we want in our system, well that’s easier as we thought… and then we read on… and oh my god… everyone is bashing each other: Idiot A: “BUT BUT NVIDIA IS MORE EXPENSIVE!!! MORE MONEY IS BETTER!!!” –> Idiot B: “YOU HAVE NO CLUE HAVEN’T YOU YOU CAPITALISTIC NVIDIA FANBOY PRICK!!! AMD IS MUCH BETTER”.

We are closing the browser and decide to better play outside since gaming isn’t our thing anyway and we never wanted to be one of those nerd idiots….

Well that have been a damn long story and I am sorry that my first post is that damn long… but I really want to give it to you loud and clear.

(mostly) Everybody has his favour if it comes to hardware brands… but the truth is AMD AND!! Nvidia are decent brands. Yes AMD has not high-end cards atm. But that will change. But if you compare the RX480 and gtx1060 for instance (and you really try to be objective) you will recognize that the 480 sometimes beats the 1060 and the other way around. Both are decent cards. im honest… I would totally favour the 480. I prefer AMD cards and you know what? I am damn happy about it. A lot of my friends prefer Nvidia cards and you know what? They are also damn happy about it. So please guys… please stop that fight about which brand is better…

Both of them have ups and downs… (the tessellation issue with AMD cards in the past or the DX12 issues with the Nvidia pascal cards). At the end both cards will work out pretty well. The only thing you are achieving with that battle is to insecure those who aren’t familiar with that topic, and that is not acceptable. Every time I read those battles under simple questions I am getting very sad. Ok not always… sometimes I enter the YouTube comment section of some tech channels to start that kind of fight to sit down grab popcorn and enjoy the entertainment… who could resist that?

Ok back to serious business. Please guys… If someone asks you, consider that your favorite brand isn’t the best choice you can get. Why should you chose a gtx970 for 250 bucks if you can have a R9 Fury for 270 bucks… Or why should you choose a Fury X for 500 bucks if you can get a 980ti for 470? Recommend the better offer, not your favorite brand. If someone ask me for a build usually I recommend card for both brands. If I know there is an offer I recommend the better price/performance ratio and in my opinion that’s the only way to go.

I hope this post helps you to get a better understanding for people who have no idea which hardware is the most decent one out there. And I also hope that some of you might think about what they are doing to the poor guys who just want some hints about what to buy but are getting a wild and crazy lynch mob who is hunting him down all over the tech forums instead…



Author: mango2go

I am a software developer for a big pharmaceutical trading company. I am interested in C++ and C# programming in general and in game development in particular (only as a hobby atm). My experience about game development is restricted to what I tought me myself so I am still in the process of learning. My goal is to become a professional game developer and find my name in the credits of a popular game one day.

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