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Todays post won’t feature a lot of wise words about technical stuff. Today I am just going to line up some “game” projects I made to give you some hints where to start. (Ofc. that’s not all stuff I made, but it covers stuff from different difficulty levels of development I passed through)

The sprites (and meshes) you see are free ones from different websites, please don’t ask me where I downloaded them, I can’t remember anyway (meshes aside… they are from

The first game project I started has been my biggest mistake in this area… starting with a 3D game while having no idea of DirectX/OpenGL or any other 3D API. For this project I started to learn how to use DirectX with C++ and this almost stopped me from continuing my efforts to get into game development. I never finished it.

3D game

The second game I started were better straight through but still not the best choice I for a beginner since I also used plan DirectX and C++, but the game made it to an actually pretty well working status. (for the beginning)


After this game I decided to go back to more basic games which are a bit less complicated so I can focus on more Important things like how to build an easy-to-use gamedev framework for minor tasks, and that’s where this attempt came to life:


This very basic snake clone is made with GDI+ and runs in the windows console. I decided to go away from plain DirectX since I got the concept, I got the basics and I wanted to see more progress instead of pumping a lot of time into understanding the API. This snake game later became my multithreading test playground. Actually snake is to simple to use concurrency in the implementation but it were a good starting point to learn what kind of workloads you can spread best over multiple threads.

Later on I continued with this one:


That one were my first step back to actual sprites instead of just drawing pixels. Not much to tell about it, tron is very simple so I were able to concentrate on implement a sprite system into my little framework and start using frame animations.

After tron my next project were a little tetris clone:


Actually I made this just for fun.

And my latest project in progress is a 2D shooter I am currently working on. Atm. I got dummy sprites which look like shit but which are serving their purpose and I am working on a level from file system so I load complete levels from files.


Well that’s all I made so far. After the sidescroller attempt I am going to start over with Unity3D for some more serious stuff. Until then I am going to practice with mini games and things like my little physic framework.

I only can show you the mistakes I made in the past. Don’t start to complicated. I can’t tell you often enough. Starting with DirectX and 3D just were too much. Start simple and if you got a feeling how stuff is working you can start to do more complicated projects.

If you feel lost, it’s ok to take one step back to get another 10 steps forward in the future. Just don’t stop trying as long as you have fun doing what you do.

That’s all for now guys.


Author: mango2go

I am a software developer for a big pharmaceutical trading company. I am interested in C++ and C# programming in general and in game development in particular (only as a hobby atm). My experience about game development is restricted to what I tought me myself so I am still in the process of learning. My goal is to become a professional game developer and find my name in the credits of a popular game one day.

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