It’s a start

Today I finished my first little animation. It may look a bit awkward, but I am pretty satisfied for my first animation and happy that is does not look completely stupid, well It’s a start.

Say hello to Tiki-Jack.


I also started to develop in Unity and by now, it’s really nice as far as I can say. A lot of workflows aren’t new to me and the engine is actually pretty handy. I am looking forward to show you guys my first “real” game in Unity. But until then I will continue practicing drawing and designing.

That’s all for now. For those who are interested, some date next week I am going to release some build suggestions for gaming pc since Ryzen 5 is released and in my opinion it’s a perfect time to give some hints since I can take Vega into the picture later.


Author: mango2go

I am a software developer for a big pharmaceutical trading company. I am interested in C++ and C# programming in general and in game development in particular (only as a hobby atm). My experience about game development is restricted to what I tought me myself so I am still in the process of learning. My goal is to become a professional game developer and find my name in the credits of a popular game one day.

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