Stop bugging me

This is something which is annoying for a while now. I ignored it over a long period time but enough is enough.

Toady I made a little post on a helping platform for developers and it happened again… The people don’t read the question or the comments before they answer… This is really annoying. You won’t waste my time, your time and the time of the others who are reading this post. This is not meant to be insulting… but GOD DAMNED STOP BUGGING ME. If you don’t want to read the question which was ask or at least look into the discussion below it, don’t answer to it. that easy. A little example from my side:


I blacked out the names since I don’t want to insult anybody… Okay, the first guy were just fine since I just mentioned I am using VS, so how should he know. Then there were the second one who plain ignored what I posted 4 minutes earlier.

And because this is just one case, here is another one…

On the very top of my Post I wrote:


Here comes a part of the answer:


Well that’s not very helpful. (For his defence: The rest of the answer were pretty helpful and he really tried to give good advice, but this example is just to good to leave it out.)

Guys… please… read the questions BEFORE you come up with that kind of answer. I’ll take me as an example for this. I switched to Visual Studio 2015 this year since the company I am working at still uses VS2010. And it’s pretty awesome that C++ >= 11 has a lot of fancy stuff and features, but that won’t help me if I can’t use them for productive code, (Or at least code which I am producing with any relation to my workplace) since I can’t run it at work.

That’s all for today folks.


Author: mango2go

I am a software developer for a big pharmaceutical trading company. I am interested in C++ and C# programming in general and in game development in particular (only as a hobby atm). My experience about game development is restricted to what I tought me myself so I am still in the process of learning. My goal is to become a professional game developer and find my name in the credits of a popular game one day.

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